Saturday, July 09, 2005


Right has anyone ever noticed the use of this word in religious texts. I guess it is meant to stand in place of here and now. But that's kinda wierd for a term for paradise in my mind. Surely in this there is a trick of Satan, it is to make you believe that there is really just the universe. There is probably some funky technology out there in space that can replicate us from our DNA, download our thoughts etc, so surely we could drink of fountains, like they say lest you be reborn of the spirit, you cannot live. Thing is this space we are in is surely sometimes called the heavens, but at the end of our world the real heavens begin, and beyond the heavens encompassing and sustaining the entire universe, ours and the unseen, is the absolute and infinite, ya Allah, Al Qayyum, Al Nur. So beware of people that appear to be able to perform miracles, magic, or even mind blowing science. Naught happens in the creation without the will of The God.

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