Sunday, July 17, 2005


Well for some time Lorraine has been trading to increase his talents, and with the proceeds purchased land. Some time ago a member of our temple attended a local borough meeting on utopian communities, see how subtle we are, cunning as snakes. By this time persons should have been vetted to take up residence in Lorraine's properties, and areas even allocated for the building of the keeps at such a time as permission is granted. Now that young wipper snapper Kirkby-Lonsdale is gonna begin to play, and why not. If Kirkby Lonsdale does not have enough funding then Lorraine will make a usury free loan for acquisition of farms, cottages, etc. Lorraine of course will not allow idoloters to live in his property, he would allow Islamic calligraphy, and for christians a simple wooden cross without a man hung, or a fish. Simply put Lorraine would only rent to people of the book and truly secular/agnostic seekers of truth. Lorraine has already begun to play this game all over the EU or to use oldspeak....christendom.

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