Monday, July 11, 2005

Cut out planes and wooden bombs

With it being 60 years since the end of WWII (tho' any wise man knows the war did not end it merely changed theatre, i.e. 3rd World, economics) I got to thinking about psyops, a particular psyop I played on the Israeli intelligence services (well if they will come close enough to me to be psyoped its really their own fault!!!), and of course the famous high farce of the cut out planes and the wooden bomb. I think it was in N. Africa that the Luftwaffe wanted to convince CMC that they had a substantial air force, so they took about making cutouts of a fleet of aircraft which would appear as the gathering of many squadrons. The English however did not fall for it the trick and replied by dropping a wooden bomb on the pseudo airfield. My psyop was of a different order and hence the reply may also may have been far more serious than a wooden bomb. It makes me very suspicious that only a little later multiple bombs detonate in London. Now I have no doubt that probably the brothers who detonated them on the ground were of the faith of Islam, brothers pushed to the left by the foreign policies of the west and their own caring for the deen of Islam. Left action is not what the deen of Islam needs, it stands as particularly bad PR, now who wants bad PR for the deen???? There's a question, brothers should be more cautious as to where their strings are pulled from....somewhere down the line it could easily be Beth Shin, Mossad, etc.

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