Saturday, November 05, 2005

A debt owed to Salahadin.

This blog stands as a reminder to members of noble families in europe concerning a debt owed to the deen of Muhammad, as a result one of his soldiers Salahadin. The very fact that our ancestors eventually were released and returned to christendom lays upon us a debt. Without any of our ancestors being present in history we would not exist. Thus this blog stands as reminder, and were Salahadin here today he would recall the debt across 'christendom' and say now is the time for the Caliphate, let your model be Al-Andalus.

(P.S. to those who think themselves soldiers of God, knights, there is more than one way to approach 14 words!!! Going by the actions of the CRS in the ghettos of Paris it may be that the ideology of Vichy and the friekorps is alive and well, that the French Temple has become more an order of the Teutons, than the inheritors of De Molay!!!! If Napolean were to visit he would surely retort 'Mon Dieu!!! Il n'y a aucun dieu mais Le Dieu et Muhammad ├ętait le messager de Le Dieu!!!' and immediately set about 'rurban' planning, after all what were his 'savants' reported to have said upon arrival in Aegypt??? Savez et comprenez!!!!)

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