Thursday, November 03, 2005

An ironic moustache.

I was thinking today of growing an ironic moustache. I already blogged about the concept outlined in the film 'The boys from Brazil.' I suggest that anyone who has a bit of time to spend compare my life history and natural family with that of a certain Austrian. Now the question is where would people look for living space today. I'm fairly sure that it would not be in the German speaking land of Czech. Where would it be???? Can anyone guess??? Thinking of Austrians I saw an interesting picture of Schwarzenegger with a family that I am told intermarried with mine. This family with which my natural mother's intermarried have a habit of merging with families they find of interest, profitable, or hope to be able to use!!!, I hear it whispered that during the crusades they were a phalanx of the Crusaders who wore Red Shields. Given my infatuation with Bond I recall a film entitled 'Never say 'Never again''. I didn't name the film.

(P.S. I'm sure it might have been very interesting listening into their conversation, but oh so much more interesting to follow the 'alpha' track!!)

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