Sunday, November 06, 2005

France alight.

It would be pretty stupid to not blog about the 5th Republic at the moment. I'm not sure given the fragile political mindset of the French electorate that the riots in France are productive. However this is very easy for me to say, I do not live the life of an immigrant, nor having been born here am I treated as an 'etranger' (maybe I am but thats not relevant to this blog). However if I could speak directly to the French, these urbanisations were always going to present problems; civil disturbance and criminal damage are better than bombs!!!!!

Now the challenge to the Franks is to have a good understanding of their own history, secret or otherwise. Savez et comprenez!!!!!

(P.S. Just heard the Attourney General talk of terrorists, I like to consider semantic tricks when I think of the term. )

Terrorist : Terraist : Pour la terre : Pro Terra : Proleteriat

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