Saturday, November 05, 2005

If you find your self detained... a result of preaching what you believe to be the word of the prophet Jeheshuah, I have a key for you, for times are approaching when Dhimmi will be detained for preaching the wrong word, the doctrine of the risin sun/son is not the word of the prophet. Thus if you are thrown into prison merely say 'Eheieh Jeheshuah' and locks should open. He told you to cling to his name and told you that he is in you and you in he and just as he was in you and you in him so are you with him in Jahweh. Have no fear to think yourself a star in a house bringing remembrance of Eloha/Allah. If someone asks you who taught you this reply, I was taught by a soldier of christ, a slave of Allah.

(P.S. Saying this will God willing save your life one time within Christendom, if you have strayed too far, after that you are bound by a new faith. It will not be used by Charlie Charlies to maintain their stay on our isle. If you have caused trouble for our people you must surely leave, if not to your country of origin then a 3rd party nation. If you have a new truth now you may return to your people and become a teacher, for here within our isle/continent you have become 'personae non gratae'.)

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