Tuesday, August 01, 2006


There is an Islamic story that explains about the Muslim salutation of 'Salaam'.

""Verily if the Jews greet you, and one of them says,
'As-saamu 'alaykum,' then say, 'wa 'alaykum.'" [an authentic hadeeth collected by Imaam Muslim (#5619, 7/370 of Sharh An-Nawawee) on the authority of Ibn 'Umar.]

Upon inspection of the hadeeth, we find that the ruling here is dependant on a certain action, that is their saying, 'As-saamu 'alaykum.' This proves that our response to them in this circumstance must be, 'wa 'alaykum,' and the proper time and place for this abridged reply is when they say, 'As-saamu 'alaykum.' Our response could be understood as the Islaamic greeting or a reply to the Jews' curse."


so I guess in a 21st century equivalent, we should understand what the US means when they say....

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