Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Playing on generation gap.

I'm watching a programme on the BBC News 24 channel, and just watched a busy eyebrowed chap (rather like my preparatory school science master) speaking about what started this problem, erm...thats easy...giving Palestine to the Jews? Some of the older generation seem to play the game with my generation that we are too stupid to read history. As Israel has been there since 1948, then it's there to stay. How so? It wasn't there for 2000 years, so the fact that Palestine has been under occupation since only 1948 is hardly an argument that it won't exist again. I think that people need to realise that the creation of Israel proposed by Balfour (ironically sent to someone I'm supposedly meant to related to) just prior to the end of WWI, and executed in 1948 accepted by UN resolution should not govern our opinions to what effectively was the dying throws of Old Empire (i.e. France and UK, lets not bring in Suez) and is maintained by what is oft' called Neo Imperialism. There is a premise within Liberal Democracy that the actions of one parliament should not bind another parliament. I think that our generation should apply this to the resolution recognising Israel. After all why shouldn't we say the resolution is worthless, there are others who flagrantly ignore UN resolutions when it suits them....

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