Monday, August 07, 2006

The Arab League.

I just watched a report of the Arab League meeting in Beirut, and the subsequent sending of a delegation to the United Nations (when can we move that by the way, I think it would be far better placed on the 'old world'?). If I had any advice for the Ummah, and advice I am sure Muhammad would give if he could come down to you from the company of Gabriel on the Lailat al Isra, it would be this, Allah Alim. Next time you meet begin preparation for the Ummah's constitution. Do this now and your people will love you, rather than call you puppets. The United States shares one language and is thus one nation, the EU does not even share a language and yet they voted on a constition. You share a language, the religion and the knowledge from the progression of prophets. Thus not only must you believe in Tawheed when it comes to Allah, you must make moves toward a Tawheed of the Ummah with all your hearts. Prove to us that the day has not come. That great men are great men, not the least the most.

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