Monday, July 31, 2006

Is Israel admitting...

...that they have been engaging in collective punishment of the civilian populus of Lebanon? What am I talking about? Well its this 48hr ceasefire. The thing is as has been pointed out its not really a ceasefire, as they will continue to use tactical air cover to assist their troops in the actual ground forces fight against Hizbollah. Ok let me think aloud here. It's a cease fire, but its not. If Hizbollah are active in the area of South Lebanon which is their 'stronghold' the Israeli's maintain their 'right' to bomb them, i.e. if Hizbollah launch missiles or are active. So its a ceasefire for Lebanon but not for Hizbollah. Ok I begin to get this now, I'm gonna try and decipher this, are they saying 'We will continue to fight Hizbollah, but not bomb the rest of Lebanon for 48hrs, so the NGO's can get you some food and water before we bomb you again!'


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