Friday, December 02, 2005

Intellectual Capital, Social Capital, and thus...

Capital. I have been following the news recently and it seems that the Government is reconsidering its position on Nuclear Power. This will never happen, by the time the stations are ready to be built, they will be water based molecular stations, green, safe and certainly renewable. Along side this is the fact that Britain has always lacked the ability to profit on good ideas, well not this time. This really is 'eyes only' stuff, and what may be considered a PPP, would certainly allow HM Treasury to ease taxes if they were making major profits from national, and maybe international power provision. I guess that it may actually be a good idea to make sure there are lots of cables across the north sea and the channel, so when our new stations come on line we can sell the excess, which of course would be verging on infinite, to fellow EU states at market price.

And when it's a egalitarian world with everybody sharing what they own or have invented, let me know, till then Foxtrot Oscar.

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