Friday, May 27, 2005

Travelling Lodge 2020

I heard a whisper from a said 'we have to build something.'. In truth Zion will be built. Operation Merlin worked as a trial, and mechanisms are now in place to help the children of Africa, and then beyond, If God wills to grant us time. As to Albion, a rough idea for a temple was drawn, and I was informed improved upon, tho' the idea remained. Then let us purchase land, and let TL 2020 registered with UGLI, UGLE, The Grand Orient, the Scottish Rite, and the Bavarians build a temple fit for 2020 CE, that may last till 2300 CE and beyond, if God so wills.
In Templi,
For the master of the temple lies without of the temple, but with God's mercy he will enter where Moses did not.

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