Saturday, May 21, 2005

Thus spoke Zarathustra....

Many years ago I read works by Friedrich Nietzsche, one passage in particular struck a chord with me. Zarathustra is trying to leave, and is pursued by students. They pester him and eventually he turns saying 'everything I have told you is a lie. 'No, No' the students cry 'Much of what you have said is truth'. 'Aha' comes the reply of Zarathustra 'Then you know it to be truth not by my saying of the truth but by your own wisdom, undertanding and knowledge!!!'
I bear witness that Jehesuah was the messiach to the Hebrews, and a light to the Gentiles.
Muhammad is the seal of the prophets, so I have been taught. All to come after are reformers or warners!!!!

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