Monday, September 12, 2011

Full disclosure, merging, and consolidation.

So my case has been ascended from civil to military at the national jurisdiction, but it seems that wasn't good enough, so to international and European jurisdictions. That target 1 status helped, thanks la's in L'pool for that. Case closed. Now during that process certain things have come to light, primarily the trust funds, but also certain capital investments made by borrowing against trusts to invest in intellectual and social capital in a 3x3 radical capitalist venture. Now it is time to consolidate my trust fund, industry shop front, and shop foundation; not a bad little nouveau riche pot...and as Business schools will vouch...pretty stupid to say he has no business acumen and can't control his own firm as chairman; two nice companies bought to slot in at the apex of hexadecimal shapes in network and inverted levels; priceless!

James Wettin BSc MSc M.Sc MBA PhD, Chairman, Wettin Industries and Foundation.

09:00hrs 12/09/11...back to work!!!

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