Friday, October 29, 2010

Strategic Political Plan 2010-2020

So, as Samhain 2010 approaches and no one can be sure how many artists will survive the opening of the veils I may as well blog; not that I think I am too weak in art to survive, but this is a big one.

I envisage that the new politics will need some tweaking. The current work on the public sector and long term ‘grand designs’ are politically expedient, even now when the bills are effectively paid, with an opportunity like this it would be insane to miss it.

So for a trillion plus sterling, we get PR, PROPER PR!!! Subsequently this may well see a fragmentation of the political system. The left will fragment (pinkos, reds, Fabians), being able to come together in coalition to govern. The right may also fragment into wets, and what I’ll call the bitter right (but to be honest their social insecurity means that they’ll never leave the wets, such associations are vital capital in golf club conversations). Obviously what is delineated as the far right and a developing green party (who’ll probably throw in with the left) will also be present. The Liberals will inhabit their natural position; the consensual centre.

Personally I can see the Whigs and Wets working together quite often over the next century.

As an aside the reason I’m winding these people up is because they deserve it, and them knowing makes it all the more enjoyable. As to anyone who advises that I shouldn’t mix business and pleasure, first this kind of business is a pleasure, and second, I don’t get paid for this!!!

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