Thursday, March 23, 2006

Tactical not Strategic.

Do you know I have decided that if the West goes to war against Iran, I am going to make my way to Tehran, that is unless Allah has other plans for me...and in that Case Allah Alim. I would like to think that I stand closer to the ideology of Iran than America even after all these years of Indoctrination. Just advance warning for the Iranians if I was to be of use, they would be well advised to deploy me in a tactical role rather than a strategic one. Not because I am that bad at strategy, and certainly in early days of mooting all possibilities I could be of use, its just in later stages where general plans become strategic plans I would rather be well out of sight and sound. Like they say walls have ears (and with fibre optics eyes) well let's just say in the 21st Century...eyes have eyes and so do ears.

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