Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Osama bin Ladin...still a company man????

I was thinking today about a document I passed to the military attache at Grosvenour/London well over a decade ago. I was during a period of wierdness, and contained a detailed a map of the region of Afganistan, and thoughts I had pertaining to possibilities in the region. Years later I read of the prophecies from hadith concerning the Mahdi, and felt a little guilty. I don't feel that guilty however as I am sure that given that the Afganis were given a chance to establish a shining Emirate they obviously messed up. Then I got to thinking...what if...what if Osama was still a company man...after all when The Regiment had him cornered the Americans let him escape. Emirate, Intel/liason, Hadith, 911, Afganistan, Iraq, The US moves to ally with 'India' (well after the Afgan Invasion they must love the US!!!!)....2 + 2 = 4

P.S. 19th March '06 - Link to documetary

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