Friday, July 30, 2004

Concerning the reconciling pentagram....

This originally formed an email to someone concerning the pentagram, a symbol often considered in some way representative of all manner of ideologies and beliefs, from paganism, through masonry, and even publicly considered satanic by the Roman church (Tho' what they know and discuss between themselves is best known to them). The information herein concerning the pentagram may be of some interest, and I believe should begin to be known by those some would label 'profane'. As I asked in my primary post; 'Do you believe in us and them?'

In the bible there is symbolic imagery used, primarily in Ezekiel and Revelation. Here it is said that 'around' the throne of God there are four Wheels (Ezekiel) or four beasts (Revelation). These then bear the faces of creatures; a Lion, an Eagle, a Man, and a Bull. These then would be the four fixed signs of the zodiac as they appear to us from our planet, the validity of astrological analysis is irrelevant just suffice that these sectors of our sky are divided thus. These four fixed signs then are representative of the alchemist elements of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth, and can be said to correspond to the four lettered name of God יהוה romanised to IHVH, which when voweled provides the commonly known name Jehovah or Jah'weh. These then could be said to sit at the points of the base of a pyramid, at the points of a cross if you will, thus as it was said in revelation; 'Egypt, where Jesus was spiritually crucified' One might therefore deduct that the fifth point, the apex of the pyramid, is the fifth point of the star, but as I will illustrate that would be the belief of one who does not believe, rather the apex of the pyramid is infact our father, metaphorical or real, Adam. Returning to the name Jehovah, rather than describing God in his 'essence' it rather describes the tools/elements with which he created (Fire, Water, Air, and Earth). If you were to bake a cake, and it was to develop a consciousness, it may well ponder its own nature, then it may ponder how it came to be, deciding there was a benign creator, it may well choose to call you a suitable four lettered name FSEW having the correspondence of Flour, Sugar, Eggs, and Water, but we both know your name is your name, but cakes know little. Jehovah then describes the elements, albeit it alchemical, by which God created universe.
This may seem fine, but for mystics, of whom the templar came across many in the middle-east, the essence of God and thus a suitable name must evoke the intangible, infinite, and absolute nature of God, not merely the 'matter' from which we came. In Hebrew there were no numerals, the letters themselves stood as numbers. To illustrate the Hebrew mystic art of Gematria (numerology if you will) I will return you to the name Jehovah. If one considers all Hebrew text as equations of sorts then IHVH has a value of 26 ( I (10) + H (5) + V (6) + H (5) = 26), if one takes too further Hebrew words Love אהבה (AHBH) and Unity אחד (AChD) and considers their numeric value A (1) + H (5) + B (2) + H (5) = 13 and A (1) + Ch (8) + D (4) = 13, then it can be seen that numerically they are equal and according to the Hebrew mystic tradition if two words (or in fact phrases or whole chapters) are numerically equal then they share a quality. If I was then to say to you Jehovah (creation) is Love and Unity, I am sure it would make sense, in fact to put it in the mouth of Bob Marley; 'Jah...One Love' or in simple math 26 = 13 + 13.
To return to the symbol of the pentagram, if one is unhappy with the finite nature of the name Jah'weh, one could say that there is an infinite beyond our created world. If we took our pyramid base and choose to paradoxically make a finite point representing the infinite beyond (vanishing point as in drawing perspective) say directly above the centre of the diagonal cross of the pyramid base, and we were then to join the four points of the pyramid base to it, as if each proceeded from that infinite source, we would create for ourselves a pentagram. But what would be a suitable symbol for this point of our new geometric shape? Again returning to Hebrew there is a phrase from Genesis which means 'spirit of God' RUACh ELOHIM which when we break down into a number is said to equal 300 (the math is slightly altered as some of the roman letters are vowels, which are not numbered) there is a corresponding letter in Hebrew to the number 300, that being ש Shin, Thus we have a suitable symbol for our vanishing point.
It is also of interest that we also have a new word combining IHVH יהוה and ש Sh the new word being IHShVH יהשוה or to again Romanise with vowels Jeh'shuah which when Hellenised becomes Jesus, thus when Jesus says; ' cannot come to Lord unless by me.' He is being very subtle indeed to again paraphrase; ' cunning as a snake, and as harmless as a lamb.'
To return to the temple, members of such a temple, bear the mark of Jeheshuah waiting on his return each carrying out to the best of their ability the formula his name represented. To be spiritually crucified n Egypt but to have faith in the infinite and absolute creator. Those who hold and look to a different symbol, lets say for arguments sake a cross, well they will undoubtedly follow the one who will come to fulfill their expectations. But then isn't that exactly what was prophesised in the Revelation?