Monday, July 26, 2004

A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the balances are correct.

Well given my quote which I carefully selected to add gravitas to my blogg, it seems that I can't even figure out the idiots way of posting on my own log. I had wanted to create a funky HTML webpage called 'Wheat from the chaff', but as I am a total dullard this will have to do. It was going to be in the format of a psychometric test, you know the ones that claim they will analyse you if you take a minute to answer a few questions. Then at the end of it all, it was not going to give you any analysis, just tell you that you know what your answers were, you know in your heart of hearts what kinda cat you are, and really you have all the answers you need, without some jumped up idiot telling you.

So anyway I may as well list the questions, see what you make of yourself...

1. Have you ever in your life sat with friends and discussed the woes of the world?
2. Do you believe that humankind is different to the rest of the animal kingdom in any significant way?
3. Given a choice will you help someone who appears in need of assistance as you pass by?
4. Would you expect people you consider close friends to empathise with people in a difficult situation?
5. Would you choose to profit monetarily from a person that was in a vulnerable and weak situation?
6. When publicly presented with a clear binary decision between what you say you consider right and wrong will you choose your declared moral stance?
7. When no one is watching and you are presented with a clear binary decision between what you say you consider right and wrong, will you choose your declared moral stance?
8. Do you consider the ills of the world occasionally, and realise that however you would like to change the world, the reality is that you have no power?
9. When you listen to someone speak of their dreams for a better world do you think them idealistic, misguided, or do you share the dream?
10. When you go and buy a coffee from a chain coffee shop do you choose regular coffee or trade-fair?
11. If you learnt that someone you were close to directly profited from poverty in the third world, would you still be able to consider them a friend?
12. Do you think voting really doesn’t change anything?
13. If, when discussing the woes of the world, have a number present agreed that if they had the power to change the world they would?
14. If, when discussing the woes of the world, have a number present agreed that if they had the power to change the world they would, but that not everyone in the world feels the same way?
15. Do you believe in us and them?
16. Have you ever cried?
17. Do you believe in humanity?
18. Do you believe that when you wake up tomorrow it’s a new day?
19 Did anyone ever tell you that you can achieve anything?
20. Have you ever fed someone who was hungry, anyone, a friend, a relative, a stranger?
21. If you were alone, in an unknown land, surrounded by what appeared as darkness, with nothing but the clothes you were standing in, would you be scared?
22. Have you ever seen a halo?
23. Do you believe that if the whole of your life fell apart, there would be people ready to pick you, and the pieces up?
24 Do you ever ‘…measure the temple within?’
25 Have you ever come across this numeric sequence, and if so does it have any meaning for you; ‘1 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1024’?
26 Do you believe in the power of communication and cooperation?
27. Have you ever felt inspired?
28. Do you believe you can create anything of value that will endure?
29. Is this test annoying you?
30 Does money bring freedom?
31. Would you prefer to have the ability to free someone from slavery rather than the ability to live a slightly more materially accomplished life?
32. Do you believe in the strength of numbers?
33. Do you prefer the company of people who appear to agree with you on issues, but whom you know have not thought through the issue deeply, over the company of those who appear to disagree with you fundamentally, but appear to have struggled intellectually and emotionally to reach a conclusion that they can live with?
34. Does the word ‘synthesis’ resonate with you?
35. Do believe that you are literally related to everyone, rather than in some metaphorical and spiritual way?
36. Should there be losers in the human race?
37. Can you have the head of an eagle, the heart of a lion, be as sly as a snake, and as harmless as a sheep?
38. When on a journey are you surrounded by strangers, or are they fellow travellers?
39. Do you prefer possessing over sharing?
40. Do you understand that everything becomes old with time?
41. Can you keep a promise?
42. Do you believe in ‘increase’?