Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ronin have carried out sanction by Roman Law. Other agencies using black operatives be advised, it is incumbent upon you to indoctrinate black agents should there come a time when their operations risk their lives, black to white; black and white to green. As to 'speshul' people used in MK Ultra type operations, they have the protection of the law, and as such should be protected from cruelty or worse.

Renegade Ronin and Ninja had better have ghostwalked backwards.


Kirkby Lonsdale said...

Quite happy to be an 'acting' while 'floating'...things afoot in the mid-east. Wouldn't want any Samurai or Ronin to fall. xx

Kirkby Lonsdale said...

Oh and thanks for my indoctrination about Castle Street Liverpool; all is very clear now I look back, really very obvious. Now I want my service record to date released to the NHS, and I want into uniform for the Levant jolly, and for my own self-worth. I want my (daughter) and son(s) to have a reason to be proud of their dad.