Saturday, August 20, 2011

So no funds for service record...and detained illegally under Section 2 then released then again under sec. 3 of the 1983 MHA.

Fuckers I say, definitely they fuck their own mothers or harbour secret Oedipul desires. So no access to funds even tho' I requested them from Coutts in the mid nineties just after my dual commission Senior and Land. No way to get a job with government even tho I have only one caution (for poss. 00 Hash) and a scarey clearance level (Fuck you Home Office I've given you SO many fucking chances!!!), then some stupid laugh at James experience at the BBC (excused CSM Chicksands), then some private sector job for which I got at most £10/hr for all the work I did; on disciplinary was I BoD, Senior, and Middle management...dickheads. The only good thing was that I was able to collate my academic work under a BSc and an MSc...allowing for sumbissions of M.Sc (MIT), LLM (London), Ph.D (Harv.), PhD (London), MBBS (London, Imperial) PPE(cum Laude, Oxon) and MBA (Oxon). Who? When? What? How? No? No Way!!!! Way!!! Whoooaaahhhhh! Signed, Sealed and Delivered! Call me when you're ready to give me some sill hats, hoods, and cloaks.

Oh and I did get the letter about the Harrow Road project concerning counselling and psychotherapy where I will attend when Section 17 is granted. Practicing Lacanians will give you as much time as they can or is worthwhile, one's with private income don't need your money!!!

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