Wednesday, December 20, 2006

One State solution

"UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, who is in the region, said it was important to back people seeking a two-state solution"

Laughable. Doesn't the wanker realise that he has used up any international political capital the UK had over the last few years. The UK is for all intents and purposes bankrupt on the international stage. So there is now to be a new vote presided over by the newest member of the Israeli state, Abbas. Bring on the election I say. Unless they rig it, which is highly possible, Hammas will win again. The natural inclination of the people of the region is resistance. So Blair calls out to moderates? Arsse kissers put into power post WWI, lets see if the Arabs are lambs to be herded by Bush and his poodle, or Lions and Eagles.

I think that the only thing that I agree with the fool about is that there is only one solution to the root of the regions problems. His proposal, a two state solution? Bollox! A one country solution! not Israel, not Palestine, Bilad as Sham.

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